Blues (long I)

Pattern I  I  I  I  IV  IV  I  I  V  IV  I  I 

This common pattern sits on chord I  for four bars, before heading to the IV chord.  The backing track below is in the key of A.

Example songs using  Blues progression with four bars of chord I

Blues in G - B.B. King 

This one is in G, so G7, C7 and D7 chords can be  used.  At the end of the last barthere’s a quich turnaround to chord V.

Bars 1-12 :   G G G G C C G G D C G D 

Shiny Moon - The Teskey Brothers

This on’es in E, so E7, A7, B7 chords can be used. 

Verse Bars 1-12:  E E E E A A E E B A E E 

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